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Ragsdale Elite Fitness (REF) is owned by health and fitness coach, Donnell Ragsdale. REF provides a wide variety of work out programs and they help people of all ages and fitness levels in reaching their personal health/fitness goals around the Sacramento area.

The areas of focus for REF are: weight loss, strength/conditioning, and sports performance. REF can help people individually, small groups, or teams. They offer a wide range of programs from fat loss to lean/ tone and general overall fitness.

REF creates custom programs depending on the goals. They can create programs for businesses at their office, athletic teams, wedding parties, and friends who want to work out together.

Donnell Ragsdale is a professional Health and Sports Performance Coach who helps clients reach their own personal health and fitness goals. Ragsdale has spent many years as a personal trainer, football coach, and professional football player (in the Arena Football League and Semi-Pro League). Ragsdale attained certifications in NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Parisi Speed School, and Tabata Bootcamp gaining the necessary knowledge and education to help his clients in assisting them in their fitness success. Ragsdale has a lot of passion working with young athletes and coaching them to improve their confidence and abilities.

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McGee & Thielen

Donnell and his team are amazing. Not only did he consult with us as a company, he took the time to get to know everyone in the classes he mentored us in. We were able to achieve group goals and individual achievements as well.

We love Donnell!!

We get it....you're busy! You still need training, coaching, education and accountability. Mixing personal with technology, we virtually train you in the comfort of your own home.

Our Virtual Training Plan includes:
~ 1 Full Month of Workouts / Custom Meal Plan
~ Weekly Video Check-in
~ 30 Minute Phone Consultation (Limit 1 per month)
~ Equipment Needed - 1 Set of Dumbells, 1 Set of pl KB plus Jumprope

Special Offer Rate - 150
(Normally 199)

special offer!

Virtual Training

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During January, refer a friend, and you receive one month of Virtual Training Workouts, FREE!